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EDIT: Only frame saw and kerfing plane blades still available

Some more tools from cleaning out my shop.

Bad Axe Frame Saw and Kerfing Plane Blade Blades plus Kerfing Blade Hardware

Wood Rolling stock Railway Urban design Vehicle

Wood Rectangle Flooring Composite material Gas

Wood Fluid Finger Gas Glass

When Mark first released his frame saw and kerfing plane blades I jumped on it. Unfortunately that's all I ever did and these have been just sitting in the back of my tool chest. They need a better home. At the time I don't think he was offering the rest of the hardware as he does now and only the blades and kerfing plane fasteners are offered. I cannot find my purchase email and the website doesn't have the setup I'm offering but looking for $115 with shipping in the US.


Stanley No. 50 Combination Plane with 17 Cutters

Wood Tool Metalworking hand tool Font Hand tool

Wood Font Office equipment Thumb Audio equipment

Wood Wall Gas Hardwood Metal

Wood Metalworking hand tool Gas Tool Metal

Bumper Bicycle part Rim Vehicle Automotive exterior

Bicycle part Bumper Wood Tool Composite material

Wood Tool Hardwood Composite material Automotive exterior

A beautiful Stanley No 50 combination plane! To my knowledge set is complete and has all 17 cutters in cardboard box, please see photos and ask questions. Most blades still have factory sharpening and only a few have had backs lapped and sharpened. User would benefit from resharpening per their personal preference. Handle does have cracks and was purchase like that knowingly, does not affect tools ability to perform.

I am selling because I am cleaning out my shop and this has just been collecting dust. Currently have it on eBay for $175 with OBO.


Stanley No. 150 Miter Box - "Restored" by me

Wood Gas Hardwood Font Metal

Musical instrument Wood Gas Art Auto part

Wood Bicycle part Font Gas Bumper

Wood Flooring Floor Automotive exterior Hardwood

Furniture Table Wood Chair Automotive tire

Tire Automotive tire Hood Tread Bumper

I purchased off eBay and restored this per my preferences. I didn't buy to resell but as I am cleaning out the shop and gathering everything that deserves a better home I have to add this as well. Miter box is complete to the best of my knowledge so please view all photos and ask questions.

Looking for $100 shipped within the contiguous US.


Stanley No. 150 Miter Box - Needs Restoring

Wood Gas Font Bumper Chair

Crankset Bicycle part Wood Automotive tire Rim

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim

Automotive tire Automotive design Chair Fender Rim

Automotive tire Bicycle tire Wood Bicycle part Bumper

Shoe Leg Automotive tire Hood Wood

Wood Road surface Grey Floor Asphalt

Since I actually had as much fun restoring my first Stanley miter box I figured I'd give another one a shot. Unfortunately either I didn't read the full description or the description was inaccurate but this does not have the spring bar where the saw goes (bought at least 3 years ago because no longer in my eBay history). I did buy without the wheel guard on the back though and there is no screw for it. I started my restoring adventure with sand blasting this one but in the middle the blaster I was using broke so I never continued with the project. To my knowledge all other parts are accounted for so please review images and ask questions. Part of center screw is broken on bottom but does not affect it in any way.

Looking for $60 shipped within the contiguous US.


Bridge City Tool Works Chopstick Master (2015 version)

Musical instrument accessory Electronic instrument Musical instrument Audio equipment Gadget

Rectangle Font Gas Wood Flooring

Gadget Television set Audio equipment Gas Machine

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Font

Wood Finger Flooring Hardwood Wood stain

Rectangle Gas Wood Font Electric blue

ORIGINAL 2015 Version of Bridge City Tool Works' Chopsticks Master which has been discontinued and is no longer available. Please see their website for differences between this 1st Gen model and their current one in production. Overall set as a whole is new with only the plane blade being sharpened and test cut. All blanks are untouched and still in original box.

From Bridge City website:

The Chopstick Master™ allows anybody, regardless of experience, age 8 and up, to make a pair of gallery quality chopsticks.

The Chopstick Master™ includes the following:
• Chopstick Master Base Unit
• Red Arm for 5mm Chopsticks
• Green Arm for 2mm Chopsticks
• Crosscut Sliding Table with Depth Stop
• Crosscut Saw Blade
• (2) Red Clamping Wedges
• Sharpening Abrasive Strip
• Mini Block Plane with Depth Skids
• 30° Mini Honing Guide for Plane Iron
• (10) Fabric Chopstick Sleeves
• (4) Cherry Chopstick Blanks
• (4) Maple Chopstick Blanks
• (4) Padauk Chopstick Blanks
• (4) Walnut Chopstick Blanks
• (2) Ceylon Iron Wood Chopstick Blanks
• (2) Teak Chopstick Blanks
• Food Grade Chopstick Oil

Manual also included


-50° Mini Honing Guide and 50° Plane Iron, Unused in plastic box
-Flat Stock Arm - will allow you to thickness plane banding, inlay strips, and other thin stock requirements down to .06″ thick. This blue arm is great for kumiko components, too. (not in original plastic sleeve but will wrapped and placed in box)

I know I'm not going to get close to what I paid for this. When originally released it was $360 (still have my email conformation). Now the 2015 version is $249 on their website (not available, just a reference) with the new version (for pre-order) is $195. With the added blade and flat arm stock I'm looking for $300 with shipping in the contiguous US. Currently on eBay for same price but plus shipping.


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