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Bad axe 16" Large tenon saw

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Brand new, never used, filing-hybrid, handle size-regular


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How come you only post stuff to sale?
This is not E bay.
If you want to sale your stuff, go somewhere else.
..out of my 37 posts….nine of them were dealing with selling my own items …...
I enjoy seeing things posted for sale. I think their should be more of it here on ljs. Most sites have a classified section with some sort of guidelines. I've bought and sold online on owwm for years and have met some real nice people who share a common interest. If people want to SELL stuff, woodworking related, I'd love to see more.
Looks sweet ….. must ….. resist. What is the handle made of?

I have no problem with contributing members posting stuff for sale, like here, that is the reason why there is a Trade & Swap forum. I only have a problem with it when someone creates an account just to try and sell, with no intention of using LJ for anything else.
I like purchasing products from fellow LJer's

at least the polite ones.

Sell all you want weedsnager!
That's a beauty. I can barely gather the nerve to sharpen my Stanley sweetheart chisels. How would I ever muster the courage to bite into some hard maple with that beauty?
That is really sweet. I wish I could afford it, but alas, I cannot.
That's a beauty and I would love to have it. I don't see a problem for some one selling a woodworking tool on Lumberjocks. My problem is that I have a problem selling any of my tools. It's a lot easier for me to buy a tool instead of to get rid of it. I'll admit that it's not to smart because I have a few that I don't need.

helluvawreck aka Charles
Bert not sure if you intentionally meant to sound as rude as you did, but considering he posted this in the Trade & Swap part of the forum and he does have other posts on various other things why does he need to go elsewhere considering it's woodworking related and some of us actually like seeing stuff for sale.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts