Laguna Tools - 14bx 220 (Rating: 3)

I'm a hobbyist and look to this site often for advice and help. I used the positive reviews of this site and others to in buying my band saw. I have an issue with a Laguna 14bx-220v band saw that I purchased a few weeks ago and need some advice.

I noticed that the back end of the split table was about 10 thousandths of an inch higher than the front when clamped down. (see attached picture) It's enough to catch any thing being slid across the table when cutting. I read an older post or two here that other's had the same issue and Laguna sent them a new table.

I contacted Laguna support and this is what they told me the following:
"I have two options for you right now hopefully one of these solves your issue. First I have attached a picture to this email. In it you should see the black handle on the front of your bandsaw ( circled in red)
loosen the handle push up on the table then tighten as you lift.The second option requires a little more work and a lot of patience. As we all know metal is malleable it bends and moves, what we've found out about these tables is that if you lay them on a hard flat surface face down for a couple of days the table will correct itself to within industry standard."

Somehow this doesn't make sense to me, being a cast iron table it should be sturdy and true to begin with. Isn't that the benefit of cast iron. Does this make sense? I did tap the back end of the split table with a board and mallet and it it did flatten out while the split clamp was tight. But once I change blades, the back end of the table is again higher, requiring another tap with a board and mallet to make both sides of the split table even. Would appreciate any views on this.