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Back from Ladakh, India

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Yesterday, we have returned safely from Ladakh after spending two weeks photographing people, culture, monasteries and landscapes in this northernmost region of India. Ladakh is a part of the Jammu and Kashmir state. It's been a great trip with lots of surprises. I will need a few days to get back to the real life - lots of emails in the inboxes, back to work etc…

Here's a little preview of my Ladakh series - a picture of the beautiful Matho Gompa. It is a Buddhist monastery founded in the 16th century by Lama Dugpa Dorje and located 26 kilometres southeast of Leh - the capital of Leh District in Ladakh.

Matho Gompa ~ Ladakh, India

Let's see what happened @LJ in the meantime ;)
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welcome back,
what a beautiful monastery, cant wait to see more pics!
Welcome back. Hope you had a great time.
Wow that looks like an interesting place.
Wonderful, look forward to the pictures.
extraordinary photo and location!
I, too, look forward to seeing more..
Welcome back Martin. Nice picture. I wonder which one of those windows is to the woodshop.
Welcome back Martin, sounds like you had an awesome trip. I have to agree with Rance though lol.
Welcome back Martin, sounds like you had an awesome trip. I have to agree with Rance though lol.
welcome back Martin
look forward to see and hear more about your little trip

I don't have an account with flckr so couldn't see but one photo, or at least couldn't figure out how, but the photo that you have posted is absolutely fantastic. Thanks
It sounds like you had a wonderful trip! India has so much history and culture it would be hard to absorb so much in one trip.
That's a great photo. Welcome back!
Hey Martin, nice to have you back. Looks like you had an inspiring time, it is good to visit other lands and learn the culture.
Martin: Glad to have you back. A great photo.
Glad to hear you had a nice time Martin.
Thanks for sharing your experience.
1 - 20 of 30 Posts
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