Freud - Fusion P410T 10" x 40T x 5/8" Thin Kerf Saw Blade (Rating: 5)

Hey guys, this is my first review for any woodworking tool, I've been in this hobby since April of this year. When it comes to being satisfied with any product I'm hard to please, I like quality for my dollar so this is a strict and honest review.

I have the Ridgid R4512 TS and I've been using the original blade since day one, never cleaned it, never sharpened it either, it's been preforming the same since day one. I've used the original blade to build less than a dozen small projects over the last 8 months. The original blade wasn't performing well so I was in the hunt for a Thin Kerf blade to help my TS motor out. I'm a huge fan of Freud products, they have excellent carbide cutters. I say "cutters" b/c I sell PDC drill bits for oil rigs and that's the term we use for our carbide teeth. Anyways, they have a great product but can be pricey because of the engineering and R/D they put into them.

I installed the blade with the riving knife and made 3 cuts through 3/4" hard maple, let me just use the phrase my wife used, "feels like a babies butt" I mean to tell you this thing was ready for glue up, smoother than my jointer, no question!! I know people are saying.. "he hasn't used the blade long enough to put a solid review together" folks, for $69 on amazon (now $79) this blade is the real deal if you're looking for a thin kerf blade.