Bad Axe Tool Works - 16" Tenon Saw (Rating: 5)

I was asked to post a review on this saw by a fellow LJ a couple days ago and looking around there were no reviews on this particular saw or anything coming out of Bad Axe. Quite honestly the name caught my attention first and I figured it was worth a look. After a little research I found out the company is out of Wisconsin and as I am in NW Indiana this was a part of the initial decision to do even more research. I read a couple articles on the company, Mark Harrell and the saws.

The next step was choosing the saw. Decisions, decisions; do I want a Stainless Steel back or Gun Metal? A Cherry handle or Walnut? Stainless, brass or Gun Metal fasteners? Choose your options and get yourself a semi-customized heirloom tool. How sweet is this?

I ordered my saw with a cherry handle and gunmetal pack with the blade ground to 11ppi / rip, this is a good grind to rip most hard woods. I personally like the saw to cut fast. I sent in the initial deposit and a few weeks later received a e-mail from Mark saying it was done. I sent the balance due and a few days later it was here. OH JOY!

I opened the box to find the saw wrapped up as snug as a bug in a rug in bubble wrap. I inspected the saw and the back and blade were perfectly straight and the set on the blade was to my liking. Off to the races and put the saw through it paces on the tenons on my new bench. The saw is well balanced and the handle was comfortable. I made a couple practice passes on some Ash I had in the shop and was ready to go. The saw was a dream to use, once the cut was started it held the line, no jumping wandering or anything unpredictable; the saw does the work and this is the kind of tool that helps you take your work to the next level. I will close with this is by no means a cheap saw but what heirloom tools are. This is a saw for a lifetime and in my mind worth every penny. I will be going back for a carcass saw very soon.

Chris Schwarz recently posted a review on the their Carcass Saw on the Popular WoodWorking Magazine blog.
It is worth checking out. http://blog/Bad+Axe+12+Carcase+Saw+Now+With+Manners.aspx