Wixey - WR510 (Rating: 5)

I recently bought a dewalt planer and amazon suggested i buy a wr510 with it. It was only $47, so I did. 2 weeks later its now $63 on amazon….

Installation was kinda hard at the begining. I would have paid $10-15 more if it came with a replacement bracket that you can take off the dewalt (see black bracket in 2nd picture). The double sided tape makes it difficult to get it lined up exactly so the bottom of it is flush with the bottom of the planer surface. They suggest it be level or slightly higher than. But if its below, it'll always be off. Read the directions and you should be able to understand.

You can view the absolute height of the cutterhead, or the incremental depth of cut.

Its awesome! I'm a rookie with a planer, so maybe the veterans think its unnecessary. But I liked it. when planing rough sawn boards, i would just turn the handle 1/2 turn each pass and didn't look at the gauge much. But when I got close to .75", I could make sure I ended up exactly at .75" board after board. The stop gauge on the planer is probably close to accurate and of course the accuracy required depends on your specific project.