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Auction: Wide Belt Sander

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Auction Events open for Bid Now! - 4 auctions



All assets of Casework Tech in Albuquerque, NM must be sold!!!



1-Head, 51" cap. - Combination head with 6" dia. contact roll & dual action finishing platen, 40 HP V-belt drive motor; 52" x 75" abrasive belt, "Posi-Track" electronic belt tracking and air tensioning of abrasive belt; Ruff-Tex conveyor belt, variable feed speed 15 - 45 FPM;

Complete with: Double infeed & outfeed spring loaded pinch rollers, 28" infeed conveyor extension, disc brakes for quick positive stopping of contact roll, load meter; centralized control panel with all push button and magnetic starters



NOTE: There are Four Auctions being held in various places… Check it out… for one close to you!


1. Montana Lettering complete shop liquidation


2. Casework Tech in Albuquerque, NM must be sold!!!


3. Tracy Ca MachineryAuction - Includes 2010 Morbidelli Unix CNC Machining Center - Broken down and ready to ship!





Sometimes stuff goes for just Pennies on the Dollar…
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hey thats one big mother of a sander there Joe !
And to add insult ot injury they are all going for peanuts!
need to borrow some money joe
couple grand to get the sander
couple more to haul it
couple more to bring in 3 phase

i'll get back with you
about payments

you know you can trust me
you read it here on the net
OK David,

Yes, I know I can trust you… Just let me know what the total ends up to be… Don't forget the Special Buyer/Seller % that is added to the final bid!

We'll workout the interest rate, and payback details later…

No rush…

I get emails from the Auction place about the auctions… sometimes they have some darn good stuff at very reasonable prices that are somewhat CLOSE to me…

I find it interesting to see what Commercial / Industry equipment even exists! Boggles the mind at times.

I just KNEW you would be interested in that Sander… You were the first person I thought of when I saw it!


Let me know… now… don't forget it… How far is away from you?

:) LOL
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not really sure joe

far is over the horizon from here
David and Joe,

I think you should factor in some more loot from your very generous friend Joe, and buy all the solar gear fit it to the roof of your new workshop and then run three phase it around the workshop and then another supply lead back to Joes place so he has some return on the investment.

If only I lived near you guys I would haul everything free of charge just to be able to see it all running!

Especially that sander!

Here in Aust I cannot even buy a moulder as neither Woodstock or W&H have agents here for their gear
So owning a W1812 or 206 is not going to happen for me.
WOW could you imagine getting that for $500?? BUT, you need the space and power to run it which I have neither.

I am with you Jim its a bargain for sure, and would love to have it but then reality kicks in unless you have a workshop like Dr Who's Tardis and an unlimited supply of power its just a dream!

No doubt somebody out there will snap it up!
And if you are still drooling the sander operating facts
at 240 VAC:.....standby,

the machine at start up would draw about 250 Amps
and run at about 62 Amps dependent on loading
and if the main motor failed you would need to hit Joe up for about $4k for another main motor!
I dont think I could even afford to buy a belt, let alone run it, though it would be fun watching the neighbours lights dim as it started!

What a Giant…

You just opened my eyes…

I guess they'd just turn it on & leave it on… would be cheaper than turning it ON/OFF for every little thing…

... it would probably be used for hundreds of pieces anyway…

NOT for me… for sure… Thanks for your comments…
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That monster of a sander is indeed a time saver ,eventhough I'm retired but having that machine in my shop would still save me some time and would help me get to my "to do" list:
Gesture Font Happy Finger Art


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I have two wide belt sanders and there are days I'd just as soon put a crank on them.

I have two wide belt sanders and there are days I d just as soon put a crank on them.


- Dan Krager
And I'm sure if you put your crank on them we'd all hear ya complain! < BIG GRIN >

< Sorry, couldn't resist… >

Good grief, that monster is bigger than my shop! :eek:)
Pennies on the dollar ended with the Timesaver selling for 6500 bucks. I remember when new 37" were selling for 9 thousand. Bidding ended on the 20th. The other links posted, the machines sold for over 10,000…........ No bargains there. ........ Jerry (in Tucson)
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