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Attention R4511 owners

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Just thought that I would pass on to you as a reminder to check your motor pulley hex screw and keyway. Mine didn't have locktite on it and it backed out and wobbled enough to wreck the motor shaft, pulley, belt and when the pulley came off it cracked my center top. Ridgid customer service was awesome and shipped me all new parts no questions asked. Took me about 2 hours today to get everyting apart and back together. good as new. You better believer that it has locktite on it now!

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Well I don't have a 4511, but thanks for making me think to maybe check this on my 3650. Although I don't have a granite top, a condition like your's had could still cause quite a bit of damage. Maybe we all should check this no matter what kind of saw we have.
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