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Background: I am making a hybrid presentation board for an office, and plan to use a French cleat to mount it on a concrete block wall. The panel is actually two frames, mounted two deep and connected along a vertical edge with a piano hinge. Panels within these frames are .25" ply with magnetic (metal) white board glued to them. Both frames with panels are about three wide feet by 3.5 feet tall.

Here's my problem. I cannot attach the cleat to the back of the panel as the panel is too thin. I can only attach the cleat to the stiles and possibly the top rail, which are about 2"" wide and 1.1 inch thick.

Here's my plan: make the cleat from .75" oak (some scrap in my shop) about 6" wide. Put three pocket holes in each end of the cleat and screw them into the stiles with good qualtiy pocket screws. Six screws should hold the weight, but I am only guessing. I don't yet see a reason to attach the cleat to the top rail.

The frames are made of healthy-looking red oak about two inches wide and 1.1 inches thick, joined with mitered half-laps. The wall side of cleat will be mounted in concrete block with lag screws or maybe some of those self-threading Tapcon concrete screws.

Can anybody see a serious flaw in my plan? I am mostly worried about the strength of the pocket screws holding the weight of the swing-out panel. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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