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Attaching breadboard ends to a table top with biscuits

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I have a 16" x 16" cherry tabletop (three ~5" wide boards) that I'm worried about cupping later on, so I want to try attaching breadboards on the end grain sides to minimize cupping. Are biscuits strong enough for the job? Thx.
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biscuits are good for alignment issues, not for strength, and definitely not lengthwise. you are better off routing a rabbet on each side (top and bottom) and fitting it into a long mortise in the breadboard., this way the breadboard and it's cross grain is what exerts the force on the cherry top and helps the cupping and not some biscuits.
I agree with purplev do it like He does and don't be tempted to glue the tenon or mortice all the way just a little at each end and a dab in the middle will suffice with a few screws with elongated holes and a few dowel plugs to cover the screw holes Alistair
Because wood expands and contracts, the breadboard ends should only be secured in only one spot, thus allowing free expansion of the table top. There are a number of different methods of holding it in place to allow movement of the table top. Bob L
I too, agree with PurpLev. I've never had much luck with biscuits holding anything together--except maybe gravy.
Breadboard end dito
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