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It was a great pleasure meeting you. All the folks I've talked to from the attending guilds had the same opinion as you. Come on back today and we'll cut some dovetails.

Firecaster, Make sure you swing by my booth and say hello.

jtdyal, Sorry your experience was less then enjoyable. A few other LJ's stopped by my booth on Friday and Saturday. Were you one? It's hard to recall all the nicknames but I recall faces pretty well. Unfortunately, your's is a bit obscured in your profile. If you come back to the show today, you're welcome to cut a set of dovetails. It might just be uplifting enough to change your opinion of the show at least a little.

Thanks to all the other Lumberjocks who've stopped by so far this weekend. It's great meeting and talking with LJ's. I especially liked the one young fellow who saw the copy of my "secret drawers" article from Popular Woodworking that I have in my booth and asked "do you have any experience fooling around with secret drawers?"

I need a few LJ's to swing by the booth today and cut some dovetails. Atlanta folk are a bit more shy than most other cities I've been to. Besides, I need some good dovtailing pics so your fellow Lumberjocks can see you in action.
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