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I just got back from the Atlanta Woodworking Show in Norcross, GA?

The shows had deteriorated so badlly that I did not go to the last two shows.
I am pleased to report that this show was better than pretty good.

There were a reasonable number of vendors and some of them even had some deals. The demos were informative and the free classes were well attended. I'm sure that this location was a little smaller than the previous sites and that made it more attractive.

All of the folks I went with bought something. Most of my friends have just about all the tools we can use.
If you are close enough (2-3 hour drive?) I would recommend that you hit this show this weekend, weather permitting.
You can go to their website and get a list of the vendors and directions and some discount coupons.

Oh, yeah. I got to meet and talk with Chuck Bender, AcanathusCarver

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