. - Lombarte 3156 Drum sSander (Rating: 4)

Its been a long time since I posted a review however, my woodworking is still my passion.

In order to make quality projects the need for accuracy increases , start with flat and square timber and you are nearly there especially at glue up time.

So after months of thought and research I decided on the 3156 drum sander from Lombarte Spain. 560mm wide drum 132mm diameter 2hp motor c/w wheeled stand and table extensions

For sure its Far East made and near exact to the Jet 2244 however no sandsmart .

It arrived on a huge pallet and took the 2 delivery guys to land in my garage workshop. Instruction manual was ok however, I think its generic translation as many companies sell this machine. The Table stand was a breeze to put together A 120 grit roll was already loaded ready to go and that was that I was up and running.

I had looked at several machines and the new Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander from Axminster UK was high on my list however at 3 times the price I just could not justify the price.

Lining up the Drum to the conveyor table was confusing to say the least using the Manual an I ended up simply shimming the table up slightly and after running some stock it appeared to be just right.

The sandpaper rolls I received with the machine 80 and 120 looked like 76mm 3in . I really wanted a finer paper so I bought Locally a 3 mt roll of 100mm wide 220. This is where my problems started I had no idea the lots of calculations where needed with using different rolls / widths etc. and quickly learned to be safe I needed the same paper. I bought a roll of 75mm abranet from Uk and using the calculations cut it to length and again it did not fit. seems you need to be exact. after taking a gauge to the OEM paper it was in fact 78 mm. I then simply taped on the 75mm Abranet and it worked pretty good however this was not the solution. After much research I decided best way will be to buy a wider roll then trim the width down to the same with as the OEM supplied. Success at last a perfect fit.

The trimmed down roll was Festool Ruben 120 and I have to say it was 100 times better quality than the OEM and way better that the Abranet it was nearly smooth and no lines on the board like others so I was happy. I advise trying the Festool Ruben 2 Rolls as the quality we nearly as good as my RO150 sander

the only gripe I had about this machine is the Finger Breaking job when trying to clip in the inboard end , gee wiz what a design fail this is. My hand was hanging off after 10 minutes of this

So back to the internet for a solution and found the Hook and Loop seemed to be the answer. As it happens the Festool roll was for Hook and Loop so I bought 5mt 50mm of Velcro adhesive backing and fed it over the drum and wow it this stuff sticky or what, Liked to pull the skin of your fingers , anyways it went on just fine. I rolled on the Festool paper and low and behold it was short a bit due to increased diameter now of the drum with hook and loop backing, not wanting to ditch this new roll I taped both ends and it works just great now. So my machine was up and running really sweet and sanding thicknesses over the boards were within 3 thou. job done, well not quite. I was I bit concerned about trip out and stalling after reading a few horror stories so as you will see in the photo I installed a basic LED ammeter/volt meter to keep an eye on this.

I have been using it about a week and I had kept a few projects over until it arrived and I can say its a dream to have this machine. Hook and loop paper is so easy and just tape up the ends with 20mm gorilla tape and you are done.

I had roughed out the parts for a solid Sapelly/Walnut/Oak Kitchen trolley cart and ran them all through the drum sander and what a difference it has made to the quality and accuracy.

For sure this is a game changer for me.


George From Spain