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Asian inspired Cane

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I am being commissioned to make a custom cane. The cane needs to be oriental, and I'm wondering where I can get some inspiration. Is there a site or a recommended place to see asian themed projects. I was thinking the handle could be a Koi fish. The handle has to be ceylon satinwood or similar. The shaft has to be black lacquer.
The gentleman likes inlay work, so my second thought was that maybe the Koi fish could look like it was swimming down the shaft in inlay, and would be wrapped around it sort of. But I need to figure out how I can go about bending the material around it. That would be pretty cool.

Anyhow, I need ideas as the design is up to me. Maybe I can just do something very basic but oriental looking. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
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kool … sounds like a challenging project … you should blog it

... hot pipe bending … read something about that

... here is link to some cool canes, maybe one will inspire you
How about searching Koi on line for photos that can inspire your design and perhaps searching Chinese man with cane under images in google.
Many ways to go.

How about a eight sided shaft. Cherry blossom colored inserts, with an elegant handle with some beautiful wood, that compliments the cherry blossom colors.

Just an idea.
I was thinking about the cherry blossoms. And they would look beautiful in the black lacquer. But I'm worried the guy would think it was to feminine. I've been searching the web for the last 2 hours and don't see anything I like. I'm also concerned with the color of a koi. They are very bright orange in most cases, and I don't want to use dyes to get the colors.
Keep em commin.
I thought about the koi fish and was thinking edge burnt yellow heart would be cool. Maybe with a little shaded red dye.
cool looking canes found on the net … not what you want but still cool
Thanks for the link Dan. It would be a cool forum topic "unique canes" kind of like the barns and trees posts. Maybe I'll start it.
What about a carved dragon head for the front of the handle?
Keith, you said Oriental. Does it matter if it's Chinese, Japanese, Korean..
Gary, I don't think so. He just said Asian inspired. The design is up to me as long as it's oriental.
Jack, I thought about the dragon, but searching around it seems "done". I want to attempt the unattempted if possible.
Don't they usually have a sword in them?
Cats, I think are big in the Orient. Some graceful feline?
Why not a dragon?. I just posted one on your other cane site.
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