Lazerlinez - Laser cut pen blanks (Rating: 5)

Friday I had the opportunity to visit the shop of Constant Laubscher who runs a niche business of creating custom pen blanks.

Constant showed me the process from root ball to finished product. He had one huge root burl that had to have been 4 foot in diameter. After the burl is cut to rough size (1×1 x 6-8) he dries it (them) in a large cabinet about 2×8 x 8. Then they get stabilized in a pressure pot you won't believe. I could be wrong but I believe that he said he can get up to 2000 lbs pressure. The walls were 4" thick. Plus he can dye the woods at the same time. So he had large woven metal baskets with blocks of blue, red, green, yellow, black, etc stabilized pieces of wood. All varieties of wood.

Almost all of his kits are for Sierra's , Wall Streets and Gatsby's so he drills them and turns them to a uniform size.

Then comes the magic! His designs are drawn flat screen but are cut on a round piece of wood. He has a lazer with a rotator shaft. Based upon a color code he can tell it how deep to cut into or through the blank.

The first picture is praying hands. Obviously the edge was a through cut but the details go only partially through the wood.

The second pen is an eagle. What makes these kits different is that no part is straight. The lazer cuts straight down but because the blank rotates as it is cut the inside of a piece is narrower than the outside. It requires you to break the piece so you can insert it in the blank. The eagle started out looking like it was 1/8" too small for the cut in the blank but it fit perfectly.

The next photo shows a hummingbird on one pen and a rose on the other. I just wish I was a good enough photographer to show these as they really look. But if you go to his website he has a pretty good set of photos.

I bought a bunch of kits and have finished a couple more that I could have put in a project but I preferred the review.

I know that there are quite a few LJ pen turners and if you want to make a special pen for a special friend or wife (or husband) you will find a good variety at Lazerlinez.

(In this case, if you cut the piece too small it is lost and not meant for another project.)