Armed - Pants with built in knee pads (Rating: 5)

Necessity is the mother of invention.
Here's a guy who couldn't find what he was looking for so he made his own and is now selling them

Great product great price great function.
Have three pairs,son has two pair. If you spend time on your knee's you will love these.

Thanks jb

The story,

Like many new ideas and companies our story begins with a problem. The problem that plagued me and many others for years was that all of the work pants on the market did not work. The fit wasn't right or the fabric would wear out too quickly. The bottom line was that I needed a pair of pants that was durable, comfortable, and most importantly was like another tool to help me be more productive. I am a painting contractor and I know what jobsites are like. Most of the time it is more like you are at war than at work. You have to fight to get the job, then you have to fight to get it done, and sometimes you even have to fight to get paid. Every worker has to fight every day to get the job done. The construction industry is a tough game and nobody is guaranteed the next job. Between getting the job, getting the job done, and getting paid for the job it feels like a battle and if you can make each of these steps happen you have won the battle, but the war rages on to the next job. In order to win this war you need to have the right tools. After years spent prepping, painting, and installing miles and miles of baseboard, my knees and back hurt and I was fed up with the crap that was passed off as work pants. I decided it was time to take care of the problem.

Most work wear today is designed in an office by a group of clothing designers who don't know what it is like to work in the settings that their products are meant to be used in. Their fabrics are chosen more to meet a certain price point than to provide the best possible product. I wanted a pair of pants that was a tool, like a hammer or a screw driver, not another pair of pants that made me look like a tool. The solutions to the pants problems came from the trenches of the jobsite. First thing I did was alter my existing pair of work pants. I added pockets so I could have removable knee pads without having to deal with the discomfort of the strap on knee pads. Then I added a couple of hand tool pockets so that I could keep the tools I use most with me so I didn't have to waste time walking the jobsite looking for my tools. I thought that it was going to be an easy fix, but I found that while the things I had done to my pants were an improvement there was still a long way to go. I spent the next few years tweaking the pants and figuring out what worked and what didn't through trial and error. After many different versions I felt like I had finally made the best work pants available and Armed Work Wear was born. This was a pair of pants I could stake my reputation on. As you know reputation is everything.

The next step was getting my new pants mass produced. Money was the next big obstacle, my wife and I piled all of our pennies together and scraped up enough cash to buy our first batch of pants. Our first shipment of pants arrived in October of 2007. Since we were still new to the Pants game we didn't have a warehouse set up yet. Luckily some friends of ours had some space in their house and were kind enough to let us fill it with pants. It was quite a sight to see a semi truck pull up in a residential neighborhood in front of a tiny 100 year old house. When I opened the back of the truck, the magnitude of what I had done hit me like a ton of bricks. You most likely have never seen 8000 pairs of pants and this was my first time as well. That truck was filled with hundreds of boxes of pants. After enlisting the help of family and friends to get the pants off the truck and into storage, it was time to start getting the word out and sell them all. Being new and naïve to the pants game I thought we would sell through those pants with a few phone calls. The few phone calls turned into a few thousand and now nearly three years later we are really getting the hang of this business. This venture has proven to be the most challenging experience of my life. Over the last three years our design has been proven to be superior by the devotion of those who have bought and used our pants. Armed Work pants are three products in one, a great pair of pants, extra pockets that function as a built in tool belt, and removable knee pads. Even though our initial product was designed for painters we have found that many other trades have found the pants to be ideal for their jobs as well. Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and more have come back to buy our pants time and time again. It seems the longer we are in business the more I hear from different types of workers in different industries all saying that they love our pants. We have even had a large response from people who want the pants for recreational activities like camping, hiking, and rock crawling. These pants are tough enough for heavy duty use by a working man but versatile and comfortable enough for the weekend warrior do-it-yourselfer. Everyone who tries them loves them. As our base of loyal customers grows, and our business succeeds we will continue to work on new ideas and products that will help you battle in the work "War" a little easier every day.