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ANZAC DAY 25th April 2022 - We Will Remember Them Lest We Forget

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ANZAC DAY 25th April 2022

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My Great Grandfather - Harry Fourro, WW1 died in France 1917

Flower Plant Petal Font Art

My Grandfather- Thomas Dalgleish, WW1 Military Metal for Gallantry Under Fire in France

My Grandfather- Bert Crowe, WW1 Wounded at Gallipoli

My Dad - Jim Crowe, WW2 South Pacific

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We Will Remember Them

Lest We Forget

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- LittleBlackDuck
Always remember! The future does not look good either!


- LittleBlackDuck


- crowie
Lest We Forget
Brown Rectangle Font Commemorative plaque Picture frame

i need to do some research and find parents uncles and grandparents too
Grandfather Stanley Brennan I guess ARMY
Dad Hugh Brennan ARMY RAAC/RAAF Sgt FtLt
Mom Marie Brennan ARMY Nurse Cpl I think
John Waterman ARMY Inf Sgt
Don Waterman RAAF Sgt pilot


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All brave men and women. If it wasn't for their sacrifice…..
We thank them all for their service and their sacrifice.
We will remember them.
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