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Anyone own the Rigid MS255SR 10-inch miter saw?

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I did a search, and saw that some considered this saw, but could not find any comments from owners. This looks like a really nice saw, especially for $399. I really like the idea of a soft start motor and dual lasers. And it looks like it has good capacity for cutting nested crown (6"). I just wanted to see if anyone had opinions on this saw after owning for a while.

The other saw I am considering is the Hitachi C12RSH. This also looks like a very good value at $449, sometimes $399. My only complaints are that I would prefer two laser lines, one for each side of the blade, and I'd probably prefer a 10" blade, so I can share with my table saw. And although this is a 12" saw, I doubt it has better capacity for cutting nested crown based on blade clearance (might even be less). One nice thing I noticed was that the rails seemed to be a bit larger diameter than all of the other saws on display, and of course it can operate in a fixed rail mode.

Anybody got an opinion on either of these? Thanks
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I'm looking for opinions on this saw too as it appears to have most of the features I'm looking for in a 10" saw. My biggest problem is the backside clearance as I'd like to place it as close as possible to the wall. The Makita LS1013 is high on the list too due to having gear drive only, instead of gear and belt drive like all others seem to use. Bosch finally came out with a 10" axial glide which I'd buy immediately for $399, problem is it's sold everywhere for $699, too new for any deals yet.
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