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Anyone near Louisville, Ky have a wide or drum sander to flatten a glued panel?

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I have a 2'x4' white oak tabletop I need to get flattened. I had been using Louisville Lumber but they changed ownership and no longer do this (reasonably). I don't have the hand planes to do it and would rather pay someone a reasonable price than spend hours cobbling together a fixture to do it with a router. Thanks!
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You could ask on too. There are some
machinery collectors in your area who will no doubt
have the equipment.

Personally I would recommend you acquire a
jack plane and just do it. You'll probably spend
less time and money that way as opposed
to finding somebody and driving your table
top back and forth. You could mail order a
hand plane.
You could also build your own router sled and accomplish the job yourself - easy build!

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have any skill with a hand plane. Dad gave me one last week that was his grandfather's and I've had some others for awhile but no chance to learn how to use them. Plus I have pretty bad carpal tunnel. I can't afford to mangle this top trying to learn on it.

I don't have a large bit for router sled milling and every penny counts at present so hopefully I can find someone who doesn't mind a few minutes for a reasonable amount so I can finish this and get it sold.
If you want to drop by, we could give it a try with either my hand planes or the router jig I use to flatten live edge pieces. It depends on how much you need to take off.

I live near UL off Eastern Pkwy.

Send me a private message if you want to try to set something up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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