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anyone make their own computer case out of wood?

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just had an idea of making a case for my computer out of wood. its an ATX case so its basically just a box. would need to consider cooling and a mounting system for all the components but it seems like it would be doable since the cases are pretty much an interchangable part. ive seen people make them friom a variety of materials such as acrylic but havent seen to many wooden cases. anyone here make their own?
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well a quick google search brought me a few ideas, apparently its not a new idea lol

heres one that looks pretty cool,1551-8.html
I made a cube computer as my first build your own computer in the early 90's, 1/2" luan plywood for front, back, bottom, top and 1 side. The other side was a sliding door to easily swap parts out if I needed to.

They aren't that hard to do, and unless you are high gaming, you aren't going to need as much airflow as you think you do.
I've wondered about this as well. Cool link.
Maximum PC magazine used to have a section in which readers posted their tricked out cases. Several of the cases were made of wood. Perhaps a search of their web site may help.
Not me
When I graduated from computer school in 1995, that was the first wood project I did after being out of commision for a few years. I made the case out of 1/2" Birch and trimmed it out with Walnut. I made 2 others for a couple of friends, 1 Tower & 1 Desktop.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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