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Anyone ever seen one of these miter saws

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Hi all,

My wife brought this beauty home from an estate sale. The saw says Disston-Porter, Philla,U.S.A. Has anyone seen one of these before? How would I go about using what looks like a hold down system of some kind on the side?

Thanks so much!

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You use it just like a chop saw except your the power.
it is a length stop
what jim said

disston are a very good brand of saw in my experience.
Hi everyone,

I think I found the story on this saw. Have a look here if you are intersted…
The subject of these old saws came up a few weeks ago and I decided to dig out my dad's old miter box. It's identical to this. It needs a good cleaning and has a little surface rust on one side of the blade but otherwise is in great shape. I knew the miter box was a Millers-Falls but didn't know Disston-Porter made the sawblade. I had never seen "Porter" associated with Disston. How old are these saws? I'm guessing my dad bought his in the '50s or '60s. I'm planning on doing a retoration on it sometime soon. I'll get some before and after pics.
You've got a length stop and a type of hold'down for trim pieces on that end shot. Google for an All-Steel mitre manual and it'll explain. If I can locate my .pdf I'll send it your way…
It looks exactly like my Millers Falls.
Handy for small trim/moulding work.pretty neat find.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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