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Anybody in Minnesota with CNC turning capability for a job?

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I have a customer in Minnesota (Near Plymouth) that wanted me to make her four legs for a kitchen island with a spiral twist in them on taper. I had told her I was working on another project and it would be the middle of May before I could start on them. Through a miscommunication she thought I'd have them to her by the middle of May. With shipping them from California and I still have to glue up blanks I just can't make her deadline. She has flooring being installed the last week of May and needs the legs before that which means I'd have to ship them the end of this week to get them there in time.

Is there anybody near Plymouth MN with CNC turning capabilities that wants to make these legs? They are going to be 5 inches in diameter and 36 inches long so you would need to be able to handle that size. She wants a spiral in them and the spiral on a taper so you need that capability too. She is going to paint them so they can be made from an inexpensive wood. Let me know if you can handle this and I will refer her directly to you.
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Have you checked out They have at least some custom capabilities and there is a chance they could do that project. Not sure but it can't hurt to ask since they obviously specialize in spindle work.
Never saw that website but I sent it to my customer. I don't see anything on their with spirals in them. I assume this company is using CNC lathes to make their legs so I wonder why they don't have the spirals displayed. Hopefully they can custom make them for her.
CANCEL THIS REQUEST. My customer talked to her cabinet guy and we have some extra time so I'm going to be able to make these after all. Thanks anyway to everybody.
Awww they're just down the street. It could have been fun!
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