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Any slow motion videos of cutting wood?

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I remember a link here on LJ's last year, about a micron microscope showing how different positioning of the blade on a plane cuts wood with the grain and against the grain. Scientific :) And made me understand some 'why do this or that'. With my ongoing venture into dust collection and creating a foundation for my fliptop work tables for every machine (working on rough draft #3), I wanted to understand the vector and direction of wood dust from a miter saw, router, table saw, etc in slow motion. Example: the router table. I have always noticed people put dust collection near the bit, but not at the left end of the table top where I see a good amount of dust travel from the bit through the dado and out to la la land. And miter saw: I see many with large hoods for enclosures. Based on dust trajectory from a slow motion video, wouldn't that show the best positioning of a 6" or 8" duct instead of a large hood?
I looked into what it takes to create a short video in slow motion. Nothing I have can do 1000 frames per second. There is an iPhone app that does it, but very grainy and low resolution. Some type of Casio digital camera has the capability.
I think it would be neat to see the slow motion of a chisel strike, or a dovetail saw stroke, or how dust travels around a saw blade, or even slow mo of a Thein baffle or Oneida DD.
Any video production folks here on LJ's ?
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Check out the "Smarter every day" fellow he does a lot of high speed photography, there are also acouple of guys from the UK that also do that kind if video…their names edcape me right now
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