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I think that mics_54 and woodyoda have the answers. A hot roof (remember, ANYTHING above freezing is hot) will create those pesky ice dams in a flash. Insulate the heck out of it. Put more than is recommended. When summer comes around, peel back that roofing and install that bituthane roofing. I've heard it called "ice breaker" before. It's sticky and nasty, and the hot summer sun will make all those shingles melt right into each other… it really does a great job.

If your dad has to peel back the top 2 feet of his siding on his walls to get blown insulation down them, I'd do it. The warmer you can insulate that house, the more money he'll save in heating bills, and the less ice dams you'll have (if any) in the winter.

It looks like the garage doesn't have the ice dam problem, and the front porch (what I can see of it) doesn't either. The back porch, whether heated or not, looks like it's taking the water from above and then freezing.

Good luck, let us know how it works out.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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