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Any experience with the Woodworker Woodtek 24" bandsaw?

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I was hoping someone has some experience with one of these. Have a chance to pick up a slightly damaged unit still on the pallet for about $300. Thanks for any input.
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Looking at the spec's. it appears to be a monster. Over half a ton of bandsaw with 15" resaw capacity.

I suppose it would depend on what the slight damage is. And whether you have a place to put something that big and have the electrical power to run it. (5 hp, 25 amp 220v)
I have been building a workshop for almost five years now. It is mostly complete except the bathroom. 30 by 60 feet with 12' walls. South end is milling, metal & welding area along with a 3/4 bath. Center is mechanic and open space. North section is woodworking with a gun room along the north wall. I have the room and power.
The upper guard door is bent badly. frame is straight, wheels and motor are fine. Blade guides missing.
Sounds like a good deal at 300 even if you have to spend a few hundred on new Blade Guides. Sounds like you could straighten out the door in your Metal and Welding area. I would probably buy it if I were you.
I just bought a used 1999 Woodtek 24" band saw?
Did you buy the Woodtek 24" band saw? If so, did you get an owner's manual with yours?
I asked and received a few pages from Eric Fairfield at Woodworkers Supply, but these didn't help much. The pages showed the part numbers without description and a blow out of the machine.
If you got an owners manual, would it be possible to obtain a copy?
Joe Isley
I have a Woodtek 24" band saw. Manual sucks, the saw is a Taiwan copy of an old Meber Band saw that is made in Italy or Germany. The band saw cuts very well if you use Lenox blades. The quality of the saw is excellent except for the wheel castings, that are a little crude, but are well balanced. I replaced the euro guides with the Carter guide set made for a Meber SR600.
Has anybody replaced the lower week drive belt on the 24 inch Woodtek bandsaw.
If so, did you pull the wheel off the shaft or take out the set secrews on outside of saw and remove entire shaft?
Definitely a good price depending on the damage. If it's anything that can affect the alignment of the wheels and the blade, don't get it.

Also, will the sawdust cause problems for the guns being in the same room? Fine dust could cause havoc if it can find it's way into the workings.
(ah…original post was 8-1/2 years ago !!!
I think GKP741 probably has it figured out by now…)
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