Lie-Nielsen - Rough to Ready with Rob Cosman (Rating: 4)

In this video, Rob covers taking a piece of rough lumber to finished state. The topic covered is similar to Chris Schwarz's Course, Medium and Fine. One key item that distinguishes this video is Rob's use of the scrub plane. This is one of the few videos I have seen where this plane is used fairly extensively. Most other folks I have seen use a jack plane for this work….

He spent to me what was an amazing amout of time getting one face flat enough to work. He used a technique where he rubbed the wood on his work bench and then planed the burnished points. He touched lightly on sharpening, covered winding sticks, squaring an edge, plaing a board to thickness and width (good use of a scrub plane).

Additionally he showed how to use a shooting board.

47 Minutes