Triton - Full face sheild with ventillation (Rating: 5)

Greg the Whodat just posted his new face shield.
I didn't want to hijack his review, so I'm posting my own.

Greg's shield is a good one and the Triton PRA001 is probably more expensive. But I wanted to explain some of its advantages.

Triton saw good to include earmuffs and they're good one. They can be locked out away from the head for
when you want to hear something and when putting the headgear on and off.
There is no option for front or back battery location. It is worn behind on a belt and has filter built into the battery case. I like that its behind me and low, away from the tool raising dust or chips.
The battery is Ni-Cad, but its a good one. I had the shield stored for several months and when I pulled it out to use it still had a strong charge.
Triton provides a little flow check device so you can tell when the filter is clogged.
Now putting the Triton on, due to the belt mounted battery pack/filter, is just a little awkward, but I've developed my own technique and it asn't too bad. Small price to pay, I think, for the complete protection it provides.

One thing, though, that might cause prospective buyers to waver.
I've been told by those who have seen me using it, that I look like a mad beekeeper!