iGAGING - Magnetic Angle Cube (Rating: 5)

I recently learned how to sharpen my own chisels and plane irons. I was having a hard time when it came to all the different bevels. I bought a cheaper honing jig that works well but it does not measure the angle I am honing. I tried using a protractor and had some success but I still felt I was off.

I was looking at Rockler tools online and saw this item was on sale. It had good reviews and the price seemed good so I ordered it.

The item arrived ready to use. There were no complicated directions or anything I had to look over. It was all rather straight forward. I put it right to use on my plane irons. I took the blades that I had all ready honed and locked them back in my honing jig at the same angle I had honed them at. I then turned this on and placed it on the blade and I was not surprised to see that the angle I had honed the blade at was not what I had thought it was. The angle reader was telling me I was a few degrees off from where I wanted to be. I went ahead and re-honed my blades using the angle reader. After honing the blades I tested them out and got much better results.

After I was done using this on my hand tool blades I decided to check the saw blades on my power tools. According to the angle reader both my Miter Saw and my Radial Arm Saw were slightly off. My table saw seemed to be fine. I readjusted the two saws and got them lined up.

So far that is all I have used this for but it seems to be very accurate. I tested the cuts on my saws and they seem perfect now. I think its going to take some more use in order for me to know if its always accurate. At this point I will assume that this device is correct and I will continue to use when setting up bevels or angles on my tools. If I find any problems I will post again.

For the price I think this is a great tool that is very easy to use and so far very accurate.