Metalux - LED Strip Shop Light, Model #4SLSTP4040DD-120V (Rating: 5)

I have a slightly oversized three car garage that I use as my wood shop. It came with three, four-foot, two-bulb, florescent light fixtures-one over each bay. It also came with three garage door openers, each with a low wattage, single bulb. When I turned on all the lights, it was not bad. However, I'm 52 and my eyes aren't what they use to be. I don't like to strain, and I like my work area to be bright.

I bought five Metalux SLSTP LED Strip Shop Lights (#4SLSTP4040DD-120V) to replace the three florescent fixtures. They weren't cheap at $66.53 a piece (Lowe's military discount-Semper Fi!) but they had the specs I was looking for: 4200K, 80 CRI, 4000 lumens. They are listed as four feet long but their actual size is forty-seven inches long by two and one half inches wide. The actual size is listed on the consumer packaging and can be found on various websites-in short, the manufacturer wasn't trying to be deceptive about shorting the customer an inch.

Installation was simple because the fixtures included connectors that the in-wall wiring pushed into and then the connectors simply plugged into the fixtures' wiring. It really was that simple! Once I was done, I ended up with four lights over two bays (the main shop) and one over the bay where my wife parks her car . . . it's going to house my new Legacy Maverick CNC but we don't need to tell her that . . . at least not yet. ;-)

Anyhow, I turned on the lights when I was done, and WOW was it bright. I have tools lining the walls and a large workbench in front of the middle garage door and I have no shadows to contend with when I work at any of the stations. I really had no idea how bad it was before with the old fixtures. The upgrade, although costly, truly was worth every penny.