DeWalt - MBC Release 25 (Rating: 4)

I have always liked radial arm saws. My first power tool purchase was a Craftsman radial arm saw. I only had the one saw and I could do most operations with it - ripping, cross-cutting, mitering; all achievable. The Craftsman (long gone) couldn't hold a candle to the accuracy of this saw. The arm is cast iron that was aged prior to having the ways machined. The motor was a special built unit that has a flat bottom for extra clearance over the cutting surface. I purchased this saw off of Craig's List for $25.00. I have since put ~$200.00 into the table, cabinet and mobile base, but have a saw that is very accurate, if a bit underpowered.

It will cross-cut 14" wide stock. With a dead flat table, I was able to use a dial indicator and adjust the table parallel to the arm to within +/- 0.002", front to back and side to side. This dimension is repeatable after the arm is moved and returned to the previous position. The same can be said for the squareness of the blade to the table (+/- <0> tool. Any power tool can be dangerous when not used properly. I see this old DeWalt as a welcome addition to my shop.