Fox Chapel Publishing - Carving Award-Winning Songbirds (Rating: 5)

I am rather new to wood carving and power carving in particular. I have a few new dremels and a variety of bits but didn't really have a good resource for using them. My mother and I share a passion for birds. I have a couple feeders out in my yard and nothing beats the winter doldrums like watching a couple bright red cardinals eating seeds out of them. Learning how to carve them would bring me some joy. I have made a few attempts in the past but one thing that always seem to throw a curve is carving the feathers. I recently purchased this book to help me get some pointers.

This volume is more like an encyclopedia than a simple how to book. Lori Corbett documented just about everything she knows about bird carving and then some. There are chapters devoted to carving tools, types of bits used, bird studies, wing and feather formations, color blending, and painting techniques. The volume also has step by step projects for carving 3 specific bird settings. The attention to detail of this artist is awe inspiring. While I probably will not ever produce a carving that is as realistic as hers (I am 41 for pete's sake and I want to have at least one carving done before I am eighty :), I find the techniques and documentation invaluable. I would say that if someone has the patience to work through this book and complete every step she has documented, you probably could give Jordan Strake a run for his money.

Of course the proof is in the pudding as they say. I am working on an owl right now that I started on last year. I will post when complete and, while this book does not detail anything about owls, I will try some feather technique to at least make it a viable carving. The book retails for about 20 bucks and you can order through here.

Happy Woodworking all….