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Amazon Prime... is it worth it?

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I haven't ordered a ton of stuff thru Amazon, but I've started using them a bit more lately lately. So of course I get bombarded with ads and e-mails asking me to switch to their Prime program. I know some of you use it, so I'm wondering if the ROI (return On Investment) is worth cost to join ? Are prices really lower, and do you use any of the other features beside just the free shipping?
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I use it extensively. For me it's worth it.
I also use it a lot. The 2 day shipping is not always free. I shop around to make sure the prime price is a good deal. Most of the time it is. I can also get same day delivery and Sunday delivery. I do not use that as much. Not having to drive somewhere to pick an item up is nice.
I used to use it…but stopped. I may go back to prime though If you use them a lot, it is worth it…my wife is looking into their electronics and media offerings now to see if it is going to be useful….Have you seen the new Grizzly 0800 lathe ? it seems to be a lot like a big powermatic 24" swing, but the grizly comes in at half the price with even more bells and whistles sure is tempting since the motor on my shop built has died
We dont rent videos (online nor at the RedBox) and we dont read books online. Most of the things I have bought have been over $35 so I click on the "free shipping" button and get that already. I have NEVER ordered anything online that I needed "NOW".... I usually do a bunch of research and pricing so by the time I'm actually ready to pull the trigger, another few days waiting for shipping aren't that big of a deal to me.

I was mostly wondering if the Prime prices would save me enough to cover that $99 fee over a years time.
Joe, my daughter has Prime and added me to it along with a few of her friends. We don't pay anything and get the same deals as she does. I don't know how that works but with several people on it it, it is a great deal. Maybe you can get on someones list who already has it.
Hi Joe
I use it all the time it's worth it for me ,I like the two day free shipping most of the time all deliveries are on time sometimes when a third party is involved it might take and extra day. Whether it's worth it to you or not is another issue. Dave has a great idea, I've added my kids to mine.
Love Prime. However we order enough each year to justify the cost. Like Jim said, they usually meet delivery promises and I also get same day delivery on some things due to living in a large metro-mess with a distribution center nearby.

I also utilize their subscription service for regularly ordered things like my dog food. I order high end food in big quantities. It's only available at the pet stores at a premium price but it's less through amazon and delivered each month. If I get heavy on quantity, I can pause the service. Works for other things too.
I run a business and we order most of our supplies from Prime. I have a Fire stick at home and like it too….
I have noticed lately, a lot of their suppliers who are supposed to get your product to you in two days are ignoring that…..I have kept track though and skipped over the "offenders" and tried some one else….there are a lot of choices.

It is dangerous though for us that are….well…..tool enthusiasts….
I love it and use the shipping service all the time. I don't watch many videos or movies with it, but I take advantage of the unlimited cloud storage for photos. Every photo we have is backed up on there, you know, in case our house burns down.

I think you need to decide how much stuff you think you'll order per year to see if it is worth it. That being said, once you have it, Amazon will be the first place you look when you need to buy something.
I use it all the time. The video is okay, not as good as Netflix. I get one free book per month but the choices are usually chic books. The free streaming music is nice. But I use the heck out of 2 day shipping. I would buy my groceries if I could get fresh food
I love it! I found a deal for it for $67. Look around and maybe you can get a deal too. I don't care for their movie offerings, maybe watched one or two. You can listen to a lot of music for free. I don't bother…......too lazy and I like iHeart. I do get the one free Kindle book per month. I love that I can order almost anything without waiting to have $35 worth to get the free shipping and the stuff comes really fast.
The wife got a Prime account through work, and I just have a regular one, so I've used both. We are in the stix, so our internet bandwidth isn't sufficient for streaming videos (we do have one of those Fire-TV-stick things, and it don't work worth squat out here). About the only benefit we can get is free shipping on some stuff… but you can usually get free shipping anyway if you purchase over $35 or whatever their threshold is. May not be 2-day shipping, but most of the time, we still get stuff in 2-3 days anyway just using their regular shipping methods. We aren't usually in that big of a hurry, so that is kind of a wash as well. If the wife didn't get the Prime account for free, we wouldn't pay for it given it's limited usefulness to us… but it's really dependent upon each individuals situation and needs.

I do a lot of online shopping with Amazon and others, but, I have never tried Amazon prime myself.
Thanks for all the input. I finally realized that I dont order "that much" stuff thru Amazon, even though I do check Amazon for prices if I'm ordering things online. I even use Amazon as a price comparator if I'm ordering from other places. Sometimes they're lower, and sometimes (depending on what it is) I can get for cheaper at my local WallyWorld.

So for now at least, I dont see this as a big cost savings for us here. Maybe later in the year, but I'm gonna pass for now
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