Amana - 22.5 degree lock miter set (Rating: 3)

This is a fine set of bits. The quality, workmanship and finish of all my Amana bits has been flawless. Therefore this is not a bad mark about Amana router bits, they are the best you can buy in my opinion.

This is however a review of the actual need to have a set of bits like these. I bought this set due to the fact that I have a kitchen on the floor with seven 45 degree corners. Building faceframe cabinets, this equates to 28 faceframe stiles needing a 22.5 degree angle. I assumed these bits would help with glue-up and alignment of said stiles and would result in a better finished product.

After drum sanding all the parts to final thickness and rough cutting the initial bevel, I then moved to milling of the parts. This consisted of running two batches, one of each profile. Set up was straight forward and not bad utilizing scrap pieces to get the heights right. Each profile was ran in a 3hp shaper with a power feeder, so this was a best case scenerio for good results. I don't see how one could get good results without a power feeder unless lots of featherboards and perfectly flat stock was used. I then ripped all the pieces to final width.

I glued up all the stiles using only masking tape. This is the same method I use for joining any two boards with a bevel. My basic impression is this, it was not worth the extra time spent to run the T&G profile to achieve the same finished result. Running tape down the length of the joint proir to glue up is more than sufficient to keep the parts aligned. Just running the bevel and gluing up the pieces will get you to the same end result and will save a lot of time and setup.