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Hello, fellow jocks. Reached a bit of a milestone in my journey; have been "commissioned' to build a coffee (beer) table for a friend's man cave. Since he's a huge basketball fan, I got the idea to make the tabletop in the style of a basketball court, complete with the same marking's as his favorite team's home court.

First of all, I'm taking the easy way out (since time is a factor) and using an edge glued table top panel from Menard's. The paint part, I don't think will be an issue. However, the center of the table won't be painted (I'm using a decal for the center court logo); instead, the floor uses different shades of stain. So a few questions:

1) Is it best to apply the paint first and stain the unfinished portions after?

2) To do alternating stains, the thought was use painters tape and plastic covering to seal off the alternating boards;let the first layer dry completely then repeat the process, covering the stained portions and applying the other shade to the unfinished sections.

I know this would be a lot easier with a picture, but I haven't been able to find one of the court (it's a small school) so hopefully, somebody reads this that regularly attends basketball games and has an idea of what I'm talking about?
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