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Almost brand new (used a total of 5 times) Grizzly jointer/planer, model G0586. 2HP motor, 8"x75" table. Rated one of the top jointer/planers by WW magazine among others.

Comes with extra set of brand new, still in the package blades and an external blade setter. Also is on a heavy duty roller stand so you can move it around your shop. The stand cost me $129.00.

Jointer/planer, extra blades, power cord, manuals, blade setter and roller stand for only $650.00. Firm.

And, Yes, the cost for a new one is actually $650, but you are also going to pay another $144.00 in freight, and then for the blades you will pay $60.00 and the set-up tool will be another $20.00 or so and the base will be at least $90.00. So, you can get a new one for $964.00, hope it doesn't get damaged in shipping, and then put it together. Or you can have this one, used maybe 5 times with all that stuff, put together, everything straight, wired and ready to go AND save OVER $300.00.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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