Rockler - 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit 22627 (Rating: 5)

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The Rockler Locking Miter bit for 3/4" stock really impressed me. I took the time to joint and plane the stock to uniform thickness. I butted the two edges together (as if I was making a table top) to make sure the edges were straight. A few small test boards is all it took to get good fitting, tight joints. In fact I was surprised how snug the fit was. It creates a perfect friction fit, that will stay together - even before the glue is added. The interlocking parts seem to cling together and align the joint automatically.

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I have had great luck with Rockler carbide bits in the past, so I ordered the #22627. Like my past experiences, this Rockler bit is great. I carpet-tape strips of 1/4" MDF to my router table fence. Then I make the first pass on all workpieces. Next I remove the MDF strips, and make a second pass to complete the joint. Remember that you rout one workpiece flat on the router table, and the mating workpiece vertically against the fence.

If you see a little ridge on the workpiece, try adjusting the fence.
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I have heard some reviewers mention that they get some snipe as the workpiece exits the bit. If that is the case, you should move the fence away from you. When the bit is set up correctly there will be no snipe, and the routing operation will not make your workpiece narrower.

This bit is designed for stock 3/4" thick, but not to worry - it will handle stock as thick as perhaps 7/8".

There are only a few things that really amaze me in woodworking, like half blind machine-cut dovetails, and inlays. The locking miter joint is in that category.