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I had an awesome morning. Yep I got up early. Fixed this here PC and waited for a reply to my text. I got it around 8.30 AM. I was on the road by 8.45 and heading up North to a town called Sherman Texas. I had been looking forward to this little trip for a month.

I had a little extra driving to do after I hit Sherman but oh what a drive.

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I made this drive to buy some live edge siding - but not for siding. I'm going to build my daughter's bed from the cedar. I figured 150-ish board feet of Aromatic Cedar for $200 is a good deal. It's a good thing I called. There was only one bundle left. Don't worry, he's milling a new batch.

I met Jason immediately. He is a top notch guy who I had already grown to like in our communications with each other. I like him even more in person.

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It turns out the cedar siding is about 5/8 thick. I was totally good with that and we loaded it into the van. But he said Tony was going to start cutting right then and there.
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I got a little twinkle in my eye and asked if he could run off a batch a little proud of an inch. Then I would swap out mine for the thicker cut and they save passes on the mill. He said no problem at all. He picked out 2 10 foot logs and milled them down on the spot. They gave me every inch of the wood. And would probably have scooped up the sawdust If I had asked.
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I'm not going to spoil your visit but I got me a lot of beautiful cedar. I'm talking gorgeous stuff. And what I got was strictly average for his stock. My bundle is a bit on the green side so I won't be starting the bed project for a while. Here's a shot of the cedar right here.

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You know what. Let me take a moment and try to show it off a little. Be right back with another picture.

Sorry for the wait. ;)

Here's one of the offcuts. It's about 5/16 thick and consistent across the length of the board. It came from the larger log but of course it's from the part of the log that was tapering down again. The narrowest measurement I get on this thing is 7.5 inches.

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Jason sells live edge mantles as well and frequently gets in lumber other than cedar. I bought a nice little walnut slab while I was there. I'll show it to you in a finished project one of these days. Not all that lumber is for sale unless your looking to invest in a bar top slab, a beautiful live edge mantle or a striking cocktail table ready stump. You can't blame the guy for joining in on making finished products. Yep there something about being able to take a log and fashion something beautiful from it.

He's got some sycamore queued up for bar top slabs and boise d'arc (sp?) on the way. I already called dibs on the offcuts. ;)

You might want to take a look at his website. You can also look forward to buying his finished products at traders village in Grand Prairie in the near future. If you go visit him, tell him Mark (the guy who can't keep appointments) said Howdy.