CMT Tools - BTS-001 CMT Bowl & Tray system bit set (Rating: 4)

I ordered this set back in August when Rockler had a sale goin on. I didn't get to use it until late September. The first three bowls went good, but on bowl number four the bearing seized up and left a deep burn mark in my bowl. I was furious to say the least. It was Sunday night so I had time to cool off before calling Rockler to complain. The nice lady at Rockler said she would contact CMT and have then send me a new one. When I told her that I needed it to finish bowls for a craft show she agreed to send one and settle up with CMT later. It was on my doorstep TWO days later. So I would give Rockler Five stars for customer service.

Back to the bit: I used the new bit to finish the original bowl and have made five since then. It works great. The bit even seems to cut cleaner than the original. I must have gotten a lemon for the first one. If I had rated this on Sunday night I would have been hard pressed to give it One star but have changed my mind after using the replacement. The bearing is replaceable so for $8 I will have two bits when all is said and done. I did notice while searching for similar bits that MLCS has the same set up but with more templates, for about the same price. I paid $90 for mine on sale. They normally sale for $100.