Kobalt - Wall Mount Wet/Dry Vacuum / KWM508 (Rating: 5)

I've been wanting to replace my noisy Rigid only because it's noisy. I wasn't expecting all the other features.

The wall mount frees up valuable floor space.

The hoses are much more flexible than I'm accustom to. They feel more like rubber than plastic. They are the smaller diameter but the the main unit and the hose ends appears to be able to accept the larger (2.25" I think) hoses if you prefer.

I like the conventional dust bag. It appears to be an option because there is also a filter. This is an option I will use because I hated the dust cloud created every time I cleaned out my old shop-vac.

The wall mount was easy to install because all the holes were in line so I only had to find one stud to hang it. It has several nice and easy to use storage features for accessories.

The remote on/off switch is worth $30 alone and works as expected. I shouldn't have to explain how valuable this is.

Best of all… it's quiet!!!! That was the main objective. I was afraid I was going to have to purchase an expensive European model to get the sound down to an acceptable level.

As far as suction, it sucks. I laughed when I saw the valve to bleed off suction like on my Grandma's old vacuum but surprisingly, I found I have to use it.