Festool - TS 75 EQ Plunge Saw (Rating: 5)

when i first used my new festool saw i didn't really realize it's full potential but after 7 years of heavy use i have made very difficult cuts that would require jigs and or special table saw setups and router setups a thing of the past.i have made very long compound angle cuts upside down,vertical and horizontal,stack cut whole bundles of exotic veneers and stitch them up with no blow out and with perfect seams. the plunge feature and its stop give you the ability to cut out slab doors for glass and will work well on metal doors as well with the variable speed and metal blade. straight lining lumber is very easy and fast as well as sheet stock. one of the best things i like about this saw is i can lay out lines for cabinet work that have many angles and just lay the track down putting the rubber strip right on my marks and cut away without having to clamp the track. i have found that the rubber strip will wear out after a lot of use and changing to different blades and the rubber strips are expensive but i just peel it off the track and use some spray 90 on the bottom edge and reposition the strip further out and re cut it, this can be done about 3 times before a new strip is needed. the bottom line is this saw has saved me so much time and is very accurate and i could not work without this money making tool. what are your thoughts ?