Craftsman - 1.5 hp, 3 gallon compressor (Rating: 5)

I own only two newer craftsman tools. One is a 4" grinder that has lasted me 4 years after makita's and dewalts burned out after about a year each. Go figure. And this little compressor that has been stellar.
I've been wanting to give this little compressor it's due for some time now as I've had tons of experience with it.
This compressor is now rated at 1 hp. Mine was labeled 1.5 hp. I think though that they are the same item. The hp must have been reassessed over time. It's oil filled, comes with two gauges, one for the tank and one for the hose. It also comes with a 25 ft coiled hose and the quick release fittings for each end, and teflon tape and oil. The compressor is oil filled so that it's fairly quiet… as far any any compressor is I guess. It has a quick release valve on the bottom for release of air and water. When I pick it up with the handle, it's positioned so that I balances level and doesn't walk on my leg as I walk with it. The handle will also act as a holder for a coiled hose.
I've had it for about 5 years now. I've put about ten 50 lb boxes of framing nails through it. Yes, it keeps up with my porter cable framing nailer. Even if I'm quick nailing floors using auto fire on the nail gun it runs a lot but keeps supplying enough air to embed the nail below surface level as I walk with the nail gun. I've done a couple of roofs with it and about 5000 sq ft. of hardwood flooring. Not to mention my finish and pin nailer that I use constantly in the shop, installing molding, etc. As with any small compressor it can't keep up with rotary tools or spraying as those need large volumes of air but this little guy has taken a beating and keeps on working. I have a 20 gallon and 60 gallon compressor which I use for higher volume stuff, but whenever I can, I choose this one as it's small, portable, and just does what I ask of it. It's also very tight. When I leave my nail gun plugged in with a 50 ft hose, it's still reading 120 lbs. the next day on the gauge, or up to 4-5 days later.

I did have one of the large rubber feet break off in the first year. I hooked it on a stair and lifted hard. I've got it but have yet to put it back on. A bolt levels it for now.
Being oil filled there is a little bubble that shows you it's got oil in it. And I don't know if it's this way with all small oil filled compressors but if you tip it over it will leak out slowly through the vent cap. I've only had it tip over once in the truck bed. I wedge it between tools now.

Once this compressor finally bites the dust. I'll just get another one like it. There's no reason for me to look for another model or brand. Back in the day it cost $125. It's sold now at Sears for $99 and it goes on sale for $79 as I bought one for my future son in law for Christmas (2013)

Highly recommended.