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African Mahogany, Walnut,Pine Recovery pine

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Trying to clean out projects..
4/4,5/4,8/4 all 8' African mahogany, probobly 4000' or more
8/4 steamed FAS black walnut 10'? 1500' or more
3/4 syp 5 1/2" all 8' KD #2 growth, clear, drops off export timber, great flat material.
Lot of recovery pine lamellas, various thickness, mostly 5/16, not sanded, just bandsawn, good widths.
A few 3 1/2×7" Recovery pine flooring t&G planks, about 10'
Some 24" pine logs,6' high ring count probobly long leaf?
Excellent 24"import band resaw,
Need a few 4×4x10' straight oak posts, dirty,no issue,just sound?
Like to begin moving some of this out of the way..
Any Idea's?
Located south Georgia under dry storage. All hardwood probobly 8-10% mc been sitting inside for years.
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Probably will just be a local sale, shipping would kill the price. Other than that, just post a price. If someone in S Georgia thinks it's a good one, you will make a sale. I think due to amount that you'll either have to make it super low priced for a "one shot" or get used to the idea of several buyers.

Most of all, PICS, lots of pics. Any more I wouldn't drive to the end of the driveway based solely on description.

In the past I got sucked into written descriptions like yours to show up to see this. Not saying yours is, just saying what I would respond to. Today I would need to see pics.

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Agree.. Hoping a retailer, or wholesaler will ask for more…
Wood is 3 1/2 hours from me in plant I closed when better half passed.
I will get pics when I go down in 3 weekls.
You are right, I drove to south end of Lake Okeechobe from bluffton S carolina, thru the disney world gaggle…to see a houseboat hull…Beyond belief-seller was a "preacher" who told me what a good hull it was…. YUP good for what??
I am currently looking for an Argosy trailer to strip/rebuild… will not drive out without a lot of pictures…
I could deliver a big chunk of the wood , as have 30' trailer/diesel puller.
Once delivered a BIG real Big dust collector to Ill in mid winter…great people, bad weather…
Bulk lumber isn’t too expensive to ship via FreightQuote. We did a full truckload of Air-dried BW from St. Louis to FL. years ago; it added less than $.65/BF IIRC.
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