Wood River - Adjustable Mobile Base #148515 (Rating: 5)

I have a 12ft x 14ft shop and needed a mobile base for my tablesaw. I purchased a mobile base for my jointer/planer a few months back that I'm not happy with so I decided to try this one out from Wood River.
The instructions were pretty easy to follow and it didn't take long to get it assembled. The base rolls great around the shop and the metal cam levers are very easy to engage and disengage with your foot. A word of caution: Be careful when disengaging the wheels when you have positioned your tool. No biggie when you disengage the first wheel, but when you disengage the second wheel the weight of your tool will drop the base down hard on the leveling feet. You'll want to hold the tool a little and bring it down with the base so all the weight doesn't fall on the base at once. A good deal for only $60.00.