Grizzly - G 0716 (Rating: 5)

Today I received this little guy in my shop :) Drum sanders are expensive especially conveyor fed ones however Grizzly's new 10" drum sander fits the bill at 345.00 and put it into the range of most average woodworkers. To have one is a luxury but a well deserved one. The sander left the boards smooth and scratch and track mark free. I set mine up with 180 grit paper instead of the 80 grit it came with. I only give it five stars with a few exceptions. On the sander I received there was a few bugs with the conveyor that took me most of the evening to fix, the main bug was the belt had no power and then when you added tension the gear had a knocking sound after looking at the exploded diagram It was no more than a simple CV or universal coupling needed adjusting, then I was able to go back and track the belt properly, the other bugs were I had several bad bolts (threads) and putting the paper on the drum takes a lot of patience the first time :) However the sander overall is a great sander and performer. I believe these to be first run bugs and will not be affecting others I hope but for the price I could not beat it. I recommend it to anyone who wants a drum sander GET ONE :)