Crown - Pro PM Skew Chisel (Rating: 5)

I'm a relative newbie to all things turning… and while I haven't ventured very far out of the pen turning thing yet I know well enough to try and make sure I have the right tools around for the job. As with most folks I grabbed one of the cheapie kits of turning tools when I started and while those work well enough when you keep the sharp I wanted to get a more substantial skew that I could use for other projects and that would hold it's edge better. I debated on whether to go this route because I've had such a great experience with the Easy Turner CI2 rougher that I figured I might just get the finisher… But I decided it's always a good idea to have a skew chisel around that you can have as a go to.

I purchased mine on Amazon for less than $50 and it came sharp and ready to turn. I've used it on some spalted mango, norfolk pine, and some other woods that can be challenging and it's been terrific. Took it to the wet stone and put and edge back on with no problem and it's held the edge considerably longer than my HSS beginner tools.

I'm still going to pick up a carbide tool because to me it's silly not to have one but I know this one was a wise investment. Quality is top shelf and the metal definitely seems to hold it's edge better than most HSS tools I've used.