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advice/suggestions wanted on leg size for paduak live edge slab table

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Hello Group,
A customer (co-worker) asked me to make a dining room table from a 14 foot, 42 inch wide, 1&1/2 inch thick paduak slab. I cut the ends off to reveal an 8 foot long table top and want to use the cutoffs for the leg components, retaining its live edge as well. Since the cutoffs are as wide as the top I was going to remove a middle section from each and glue the two edge pieces together but I'm not sure how wide to make the legs. Obviously I don't want it too wide to interfere with seating (and banging knees) but I also don't want it so narrow that the customer's two rug rats will climb on the same side of the table and tip it over. (And they can climb; 2 & 4 year olds. You should have seen them running around my place when their folks came to see the slab cross cut last week.) Initially I was planning to sculpt the edges of the legs (cutoffs) flaring them at the bottom but the customer wanted the live edge retained so that's what I am going to do.

Please let me know what you think and if you can suggest some on line resources for proper leg width to table width proportions. One Idea I had was to make the legs narrow but add a wide base from 8/4 paduak to provide stability but I'd still need advice on its width.
Anyway, I welcome your input. Thanks,


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