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Advice for a rookie bowl/pen turner...

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Hey everybody! first i want to thank all of you for my inspiration and knowledge I've gathered here in LJs!!! Love you All!! as the title states I am a rookie. I've turned a few things, I think I have a project of a candle holder I made a few weeks ago, and I will keep going. After I showed my wife the things i made she asked me if I was thinking of "selling" the things I am making, I didn't know what to say because I really don't know. I guess my question is for those who are thinking about the same thing and for those who are already selling and maybe even making a living out of making pens and bowls to sell. How well do wood pens and bowls sell?? what are the best sellers? how do you promote yourself? and best places to buy the pen kits / blanks. a couple of this questions have probably been answered already in other posts but I am looking for a more updated info.. thanks you again to everybody who has shared their awesome pieces with the rest of us.

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I've tried to sell via Etsy, and eBay, but I have found it has cost me so much in fees etc… and folks don't buy that often… Basically the time and headache involved in selling wasn't worth it for what I could earn from it.
I've had some experience trying to sell turned items via various forums. In my opinion, the most promising strategy is with wine based items sold at independent wine shops. My items included stoppers, cork screws, wine racks, and wine glasses (with turned bases).

It seems like there are lots of people buying wine as a gift and many like something special to add to the gift.

Of course, the challenge is finding a wine shop that will work with you.

Good luck.
thanks guys! I appreciate your comments!
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