MinWax - Water Based Wood Stain clear tint base (Rating: 5)

I tried Minwax water based wood stain clear tint base for the first time and I am very happy with the resolute. The clear base stain can be tinted to your choice of about 50 colors. I picked "Deep Ocean"


The water based stains dry quickly so I used a brush to apply it to a small area and wiping the excess off with a rag within 2-3 min. Minwax recommends to use a pre-stain conditioner to keep the grain from rasing but I very little raised grain on my test peace so I did without the conditioner. (save some $) I did lightly sand before applying a clear finish.

For the clear finished I used Minwax's Polycrylic this is also a water base product. The clear topcoat makes the color look great and did not change the appearance of the color.

see how it looks on my shaker workbench http://lumberjocks.com/gpastor/blog/21932