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Accuspray HVLP GUN

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Hi everyone:
I live north of tampa bay about 50 miles.
Does anyone no where i can purchase an Accuspray 10 gun for turbine setup, in the tampa bay area??
Someone in tampa sells them
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We carry Accuspray products, and can give you a great price! The 10 gun is only 245.00.
I've been to Tampa not interesting I know but I had to say it.I love florida it has everything we don't have sun LOL I also like Clearwater and sarasota too Alistair
I used to live where the sun doesn't shine much either. HAHAHA
I'm 62 yrs. now and fill like 50 again. The weather is fantastic here.
Yes I guess that would add ten years to your life well done we have lot's of rain are you jealous LOLI thought not.Alistair brrrrrr
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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